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Brush up on your oral health with tips, advice and the best techniques for looking after your teeth and gums.

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Dental Exams and X-Rays: Responsible Oral Health

How often do I need dental exams and x-rays?   Regular dental checkups are one of the best ways to ...

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Save On Dentist Cost: 6 NZ Dental Hygiene Tips

How much does the dentist cost in New Zealand? The cost of going to the dentist can be enough to ...

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Signs of a Tooth Cavity: Key Signs You Shouldn't Ignore

Children, young adults and elderly adults are most at risk of getting cavities. Dental checkups are one of the best ...

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Teeth Moving After Braces: What You Need to Know

What to do if your teeth move after having braces There is nothing like the feeling of having your braces ...

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Choosing the Best Replacement for Missing Teeth: A Practical Guide

What is the best option for replacing missing teeth? While lots of things can cause tooth loss, having a gap ...

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Which Dentures Are Perfect For Me?

Modern dentures can improve the look of your smile, give your bite more functionality and help prevent dental problems that ...

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Essential Dental Care Tips for Braces Wearers

Having braces can put you at higher risk of tooth decay. Learn how to keep your teeth healthy while undergoing ...

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Tartar and Plaque: How-To Prevent Buildup

If you have a buildup of tartar on the back of your bottom teeth you’re not alone. This is a ...

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Smile Makeover or Smile Reconstruction: Which is Best for You?

Having healthy, beautiful teeth can help you build confidence and worry less about your smile. Two popular options for creating ...

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New Location | 32 Gems is Now Gentle Dental

We’re excited to announce that 32 Gems Dental Care is now a part of Gentle Dental. We’re the same team ...

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Dental Crowns | Procedure Length Simplified

The length of time a dental crown takes will depend on whether your dentist is giving you a same-day crown ...

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Tooth Abscess | Best Treatment and Pain Relief

If you are experiencing tooth pain, gum swelling or sensitivity around your mouth, it could be a sign of a ...