Gentle Dental Services
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New Patient Exam Special

New patients to the Gentle Dental Centre will be booked in for a full, one hour appointment. We ask you to arrive five minutes earlier to complete a new patient questionnaire, dental and medical history form.

Your dentist will go through the forms with you and gain a detailed understanding of your needs and expectations with respect to your dental treatment outcomes.

What we Do

Our Full Process

We will then undertake a comprehensive examination of your face, mouth and jaws, including the soft tissues inside and outside of your mouth. Your smile, teeth, gums and bite will be carefully examined and two posterior bite-wing x-rays will be taken. 

We use state of the art technology including intra-oral cameras and caries (decay detecting) fluorescent cameras to help us diagnose any problems.

In more complex cases, we may need to gather more information to give a more complete picture. This may include further x-rays of individual teeth, a full ‘jaw scan’ OPG x-ray, study models and clinical photos. In these cases, a complimentary second visit may be required before we can present you with your treatment plan.

The results

Professional Solutions & Advice

At the end of your visit we will go over all treatment options with you, prioritize them in order of urgency and discuss all fees involved with each stage of your treatment. Any questions you may have will be answered. Our aim is to be totally transparent about our treatment recommendations, any alternative treatment options available, the steps involved, and their associated costs.

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