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Need an Emergency Dentist ?

If you need emergency dental treatment or are in pain please call us urgently on 0508 GENTLE (436853) or visit our Contact Us page. 



At alert level 2, most of the restrictions placed on dentistry at the higher alert levels have now been lifted. We are now able to carry out non-urgent and routine dental procedures.

Dentist Call-Back Tele-Consultation

If you have flu-like symptoms and/or have been in contact with someone with a confirmed Covid diagnosis, you will need a consult with one of our gentle dentists remotely first. One of the Support Team will refer you for our Dentist Call-Back .  They will be able to discuss your symptoms with you and advise you on the most appropriate action, which may include a prescription or if urgent treatment is required they will schedule an emergency dental appointment where all necessary precautions will be taken. 

Emergency Dentist Urgent Wellington

Emergency Dental Appointment for High risk Covid patients.

For those who have flu-like symptoms and/or have had previous contact with someone diagnosed with Covid-19, we are required to at first, manage with medication where appropriate and defer any in-person visit until fully recovered. 

However; following your phone triage and any necessary medication, if you still need to come into the clinic for emergency dental treatment, one of our our friendly team will book a time at our Ghuznee Street Clinic where all steps will be taken to prevent transmission of the virus.

So that we can ensure the safety of our patients and staff, we are strictly following the regulations regarding protective gear or PPE as mandated by the NZ Dental Council and Ministry of Health. As this PPE is in very high demand and short supply, the cost to obtain all the necessary equipment is considerable. 

For it to be commercially viable for us to provide emergency dental services safely to high risk patients, there will be an 

Additional fee of $78 inclusive of GST per patient for all emergency appointments for high risk Covid patients. This fee will cover:

  • All the extra hygiene precautions and required PPE (personal protective equipment) as mandated by New Zealand Dental Council and the Ministry of Health.
  • The extra time required for each appointment to allow us time to thoroughly clean and disinfect each surgery. 
  • The extra dental assistant required for help carry out extra sterilisation steps.
  • Please note that this fee does not include the cost of any subsequent treatment carried out during your appointment. This cost will depend on the procedure carried out and will be quoted by your dentist prior to treatment commencing. 
  • The hope is that once PPE becomes more readily available and costs reduces, we will be able to remove this surcharge. Please note that this surcharge is at below cost price to us and we have decided to wear some of the costs and only pass on a partial amount to our patients. Thank you for your understanding during this trying time.

Note: Patients with no or low risk of Covid will no longer incur this surcharge as full PPE is not mandatory for these patients at alert level 2.

We are doing our best to keep everyone safe during this difficult time so please follow our guidelines to stay COVID SAFE.

  • DO NOT ENTER the practice if you have any Cough, Cold or Flu symptoms
  • Arrive at the time of your appointment
  • Stay in your vehicle if you arrive early
  • Automatic front door or One of the staff will open the front door for you
  • Hand sanitize - as soon as you arrive
  • Practice 2m distancing if in waiting area
  • Cough or Sneeze into your elbow
  • Avoid touching anything, including your face
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Emergency Dentist

What's a Dental Emergency

Common dental emergencies that may required URGENT dental treatment

  • Toothache
  • Lost Filling
  • Dental Trauma or Accident
  • Fractured Tooth
  • Tooth Knocked Out
  • Facial Swelling
  • Broken Tooth
  • Wisdom Tooth Infection
How Will I Know?

The Symptoms

 Unfortunate things happen and can lead to a dental emergency, even those that involve little or no pain, can quickly lead to more serious and long-lasting damage if not treated promptly. 

If something feels different or just “not right” we recommend you get in touch as soon as possible and one of our friendly staff will assess you over the phone to determine how urgent your dental emergency is. 

We have same day appointments available so you wont have to wait long to get it sorted.

Toothache Urgent Dentist
Handy Tips

What can i do now ?

Try these simple steps to help alleviate the pain or symptoms unitl you can see a dentist.

  • Rinse with warm salty water regularly
  • Try to floss out any food stuck in cavity
  • Place sugar free gum into the cavaity to prevent more food getting stuck
  • Lost crown - try to place back on the tooth, if it doesnt sit well leave it off and bring it to your dental appointment
  • Take pain relief medication

Toothache? Need to see a Dentist? Urgent appointments available.