No-one likes to hear the words: Root Canal, but the alternative used to be tooth extraction. In simple terms, a root canal is the removal of an infected nerve, which the Gentle Dental Centre undertakes with their usual gentle approach.  We not only use the latest materials and equipment to ensure the best possible outcome, but also undergo regular continuing education courses to keep up to date with modern advances in root canal therapy. All of which ensures a success rate as high as 90%.

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How Do I Know I Need a Root Canal?

Often there will be signs and symptoms. These may include:

  • Sensitivity to temperature
  • Pain on biting or to pressure
  • Dull ache or sharp shooting pain
  • Swelling in the jaw or gum above the infected tooth
  • Change in tooth colour (often grey)
  • History of a deep filling
How Will I Know?

The Symptoms

However, sometimes the pulp of the tooth may die exhibiting no pain at all and can only be found with a routine examination and x-ray. So if you’re not sure what’s causing that nagging pain in your mouth and/or you haven’t had a check-up for a while, please contact the friendly team at the Gentle Dental Centre for an assessment.

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What’s Involved in Root Canal Therapy?

Initially, a hole is carefully drilled into the crown of the infected tooth. We then gently remove the infected nerve tissue (or pulp), leaving the natural tooth structure intact.

The tooth is then permanently sealed, and may be re-enforced with a porcelain crown. The procedure is generally done in two visits

Is It Painful?

The short answer to this is ‘no’.

At the Gentle Dental Centre, root canal therapy will cause no more discomfort than a normal dental filling procedure, both of which are performed under local anaesthetic to minimise any sensation of pain.

In fact, most of our patients say that they hardly felt anything at all!

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