What to Expect at the Dentist

A friendly bedside manner, ultra-modern technology, and wide range of pain relief options are all part of what you can expect in our practices. 

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Judgement Free Clinics

If it’s been a while since you saw your dentist, we get it. We won’t tell you off or pass judgement. And if you need to ask questions about brushing or flossing, we’re all ears. Our clinics are judgement free zones where you can expect a warm welcome and helpful advice around caring for your teeth.

Sit Back Relax and Smile

From a first consultation to your dental treatment, our dentists and hygienists are here to put you at ease.

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What to Expect at your Consultation

As you get comfy in the chair, our dentists will ask you about any specific worries you might have. Then it’s time for your full mouth exam and two standard bite x-rays. We’ll place your x-rays onto our viewing screens to keep you involved. If you need treatment, we’ll talk you through your options and their price. 

What to Expect at your Treatment

Your dentist may suggest returning for a specific treatment. All our services are performed in-house so there's no need for you to go anywhere else. Your hygienist, orthodontist, or usual dentist will explain the process before they begin. And because we know small-talk is hard, our ceiling-mounted TVs will keep you entertained.

What to Expect For Pain Relief

We offer a wide range of pain relief options to put you at ease. For patients that find injections uncomfortable a dental wand or numbing gel can make local anaesthesia more manageable. We can even care for your teeth while you sleep! IV sedation and sleep dentistry are available for some dental treatments. 

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Dealing With Dental Anxiety

Dental anxiety can prevent you from seeking dental treatment. If you are afraid of seeing the dentist there are a few things that can help. Tell our friendly dentists at your first appointment about your anxiety.

This will help us make your appointment and treatment as stress-free as possible. We’re (literally) here to hold your hand. 

Before & After Your Visit

If you’re a new patient, please come to your first appointment ten minutes early so that you have time to fill out our new patient questionnaire.

After your appointment, our reception team will help you schedule any further treatment or your next annual checkup. To make paying easier, we offer a range of payment options including Afterpay and Q Mastercard. 

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