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Brush up on your oral health with tips, advice and the best techniques for looking after your teeth and gums.

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How Do I Overcome Dental Anxiety?

Dental anxiety is common but takes many different forms. If dental anxiety is preventing you from seeking dental treatment, it's ...

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Pregnancy: Can It Cause Oral Health Problems?

During pregnancy, your body experiences a lot of changes. But, did you know changes to your diet and lifestyle during ...

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Tooth Abscess Warning Signs: What You Need to Know

A tooth abscess is a serious infection caused by bacteria. While a tooth abscess often isn’t visible, you’ll likely have ...

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Dentist or Doctor? Knowing When to Seek Dental Care

For some mouth-related problems, it’s not always clear whether you should see a dentist or a doctor. Booking in with ...

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Find Your Perfect Teeth Whitening Solution

The main benefit of teeth whitening is achieving a whiter, brighter smile. For many people, stained or discoloured teeth can ...

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Dental Implants: Empower Your Smile

If you have a missing tooth your dentist may suggest a dental implant. Getting a dental implant requires multiple appointments ...

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Tooth Sensitivity: Toothpaste The Hidden Culprit

There are lots of culprits when it comes to the causes of tooth sensitivity, but did you know the products ...

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Worn Teeth: Common Causes And Treatments

Worn teeth are a natural part of ageing. In fact, most people will experience some wear and tear to their ...

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Veneers And Crowns: What Is The Difference?

Veneers and crowns are common procedures used to restore teeth. While they can both improve the appearance or function of ...

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Yellow Teeth: Is It Normal Or A Genuine Concern?

Are yellow teeth normal? If your teeth aren’t a pearly shade of white, it’s easy to feel disheartened. Maybe you ...

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Loose Adult Tooth: Causes and Expert Prevention Advice

How to fix a loose adult tooth    Having a loose tooth as a kid is exciting but as an adult ...

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Dental Emergency: Quick Tips and Expert Advice

What to do in a dental emergency? If you’re experiencing sudden tooth pain, a broken or cracked tooth, or you’ve ...