Comprehensive Exam and X-Ray

Regular checkups help you stay on top of cavities and decay. Whether you’re new to Gentle Dental or haven’t been to the dentist for a while, we’d love to see you. Book your check up today.

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New Patient Exam Special $55

Regular checkups are a great way to look after your teeth. At Gentle Dental, our checkups begin with a friendly chat about your teeth.

After talking to you about any concerns we’ll take a look at your mouth, teeth and gums. We’ll also take two standard bite wing x-rays, to diagnose any tooth decay or gum issues. Sometimes, more x-rays are needed to help us gain a clearer look at problems like impacted wisdom teeth.  

What You Need to Know

Please come five minutes early to complete your new patient paperwork. Your dentist will go through the forms with you to understand any worries or concerns.

If you need to come back for treatment, we'll chat through any treatment options and their costs at the end of your visit. Our aim is to be as transparent as possible about what we recommend, what’s involved, any alternative options and all associated costs.  

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Diagnosing Further Issues

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During your examination we sometimes use intra-oral cameras and decay detecting fluorescent cameras or may need to take further x-rays, a full ‘jaw scan’ OPG x-ray, study models or clinical photos before we can diagnose the problem. In these cases, a complimentary second visit may be required. 

What to Expect at Your Check Up

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2x bite wing x-rays and a comprehensive mouth examination


Appointments take 30-60 minutes 


New patients please arrive early to complete your paperwork 


You may be asked about your medical history, oral care routine and any areas of concern 


You may be required to book another complementary checkup for further diagnostics 

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does an exam and x-rays take?

We recommend you set aside an hour for your first dental appointment. This gives us enough time to chat through your dental history and any concerns, perform an examination and talk through any initial recommendations. If you’re new to Gentle Dental, please arrive five minutes early so that you can fill out your new patient paperwork.

What do I need to bring?

You don’t need to bring anything with you to your consultation. You will be asked to complete a new patient questionnaire, dental and medical history form before your appointment. Please arrive a little early to fill this out.

What if I need extra work done?

If you need any dental work, our friendly dentists will talk through their recommendations at your consultation. If you need a filling, root canals or any restorative procedures, these will be completed at an additional appointment. Our dentists may recommend that you see a dental hygienist for a full mouth clean. This can be done in-house at any of our practices. You’ll also know the full cost of any procedures before any work is done.

How often do I need to book an examination and x-rays?

You should book a dental appointment once a year. Regular dentist visits are important as they help you stay on top of any dental issues before they become bigger problems. If you haven’t been to the dentist before, don’t worry. Our dentist practices are judgment free zones, and we won’t tell you off.